Music Galore! !

Saturday@ 8:30pm Johnny Brewers new band The Naughty Blokes take the stage then the band Josey Wails comes on to finish up the night!

Sunday Night@ 5:30 the infamous Ron Bailey with the tremendous Al Kaatz…if you have never seen Ron and Al together don’t miss this Sunday!


Come Say Hello!

The Old Edison Building

The Old Edison. (The Edison Inn… The Edison Tavern… Edison Bar… Old Edison Inn…) We’ve been known by many names over the years! But whichever moniker you prefer, one thing never changes: we’re always known for a friendly and inviting vibe. This comes from the ownership down through the employees and to our customers. Locals from all over the Bow/Edison area love coming to visit, and folks come from several neighboring counties for our food, beer, live music or to just hang out! As one long-time Sunday night local puts it, “If you want to have a great time come here. If you don’t…go somewhere else!” So true.