The Old Edison Burgers

We simply do the best fried oysters.

Some other places make this claim, but quietly we are the best. People call from miles away to ask if we have our oysters in. We sell local Samish Bay Oysters from Blau Oyster Co. We’ve tried others, but the quality cannot compare.

While we have a variety of satisfying menu options, our Big E Cheeseburger is a favorite in the lead. Our beef comes fresh and we hand-craft our patties. The newer Bow Burger is catching up as it is local grass-fed beef, local Golden Glen Creamery cheese, and local seasonal veggies on a local Breadfarm bun. We strive to get the best tasting items for our menu and are always looking for ways to improve.

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Terrific Ahi Tuna Caesar salad!

Yummy Samish Bay oysters!

One, two, three…shoot!